I have studied Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management at SSTH Chur, Switzerland. I started my career onboard ships in 1999 as a headwaiter and I have lived, worked and travelled onboard cruise ships for 19 years. The last 13 years I have been a Hotel Director for Royal Caribbean International.

My time onboard has been invaluable for my personal development and growth, working at sea is a fascinating experience, if you like to travel, visiting different countries and getting to know different cultures and at the end of the day being compensated with a nice salary in combination with minimal expenses while onboard, this could be the “fairy tale” career for you.

My goal is to find the best jobs at sea for the best suited individuals, accomplishing a win-win, harmonic partnership for seafarers and sea going employers equally.

My colleagues at VIS-RECRUIT are all cruise ship veterans and share the same vision and commitment as they have all had a first hand experience at sea, we have a great knowledge and understanding of the needs, concerns and complications of working onboard and are here to guide you through your hiring process and pursue the best possible job offer for your qualities and talents.

I look forward to meeting you and chatting to you online but above all assist you with your dream to travel the seven seas and reach any other personal wish you intend for yourself in parallel.

Safe sailing all, smooth seas and following winds!